RainTrust is Protecting the Rainforests and the Planet……Now So Can YOU!

Invest in the Future of the Rainforest and Literally Watch it Grow — by Creating Your Own RainTrust Rainforest Reserve.

People are the cause of gobal warming and our growing climate crisis. And people like you CAN solve it. Not with good intentions and well-meaning gestures. And certainly not by waiting for politicians, governments, multi-national commissions to take decisive action. But by focusing on one critical and achievable goal: stopping the deliberate destruction of our rainforests — our planet’s best natural defense against Global Warming.

As the “Lungs of the Planet,” these precious eco-systems absorb and store massive amounts of carbon dioxide — while producing much of the oxygen breathe. Yet every day, over one hundred million square feet of rainforest go up in flames, releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in Western Europe.

By mobilizing around RainTrust’s innovative “Eco-nomic” programs, environmentally-conscious individuals, families, communities, and organizations (both non-profit and for-profit alike) can greatly multiply the impact of their own individual actions. By working together to tap the massive power of the global marketplace, we can collectively create a “RainTrust Ripple Effect” that will result in a tidal wave of significant and sustainable change. RainTrust will allow you to invest in the future of our rainforests (and our planet) — and literally watch it grow!

Protect 10 Square Feet – or Up to a Million Acres!

RainTrust’s state-of-the-art, space-based technology — including a groundbreaking commercial application of NASA’s highly-advanced satellite imagery — empowers you to actively participate in saving our precious rainforests. Combined with precise GPS coordinates, RainTrust’s technological wizardry allows you to choose exactly where you want to create your protected reserve — down to the square foot!

In a few weeks, you’ll be able to click on our interactive “Living Grid” which will overlay high-resolution satellite images of huge tracts of rainforest land, under the care of our exclusive RainTrust Conservation Agreements. Once you decide where in the world you want to create your customized reserve, your sponsored rainforest land will automatically be placed in your name or that of your family, friends, company, cause, community, city — and can be customized to virtually any size or shape you choose. (SEE BELOW).

Through the RainTrust Global Net, our proprietary software application, the timeless beauty of the rainforest will be brought to your computer screen (and even to your cell phone) through high resolution photography and the latest real time geo-scanning capabilities.

As a member of the RainTrust Global Community, you will be able to share detailed information about your own reserve — exchanging facts, figures, insights, interests with your neighbors on the RainTrust Living Grid, instantly chatting with them in 16 languages. (Full implementation of this technology will be available by Fall of 2010.)

How YOU Can Help…

As an individual or family – You can create a reserve of 10,000 sq ft to up to 1,000,000 sq ft. (A reserve over 250,000 sq ft can be created in virtually any shape — your home, your initials, your name, the outline of a photograph, a heart, etc.)


As a student – You can create a reserve of 10,000 sq ft to up to 1,000,000 sq ft. (A reserve over 250,000 sq ft can be created in virtually any shape — your home, your initials, your name, the outline of a photograph, a heart, etc.)


As a business or corporation –  You can create a customized RainTrust Reserve in the shape of your company’s logo — with the option of offseting the carbon footprint of your business. Your business will be able to advertise your efforts and direct people to your specific reserve — which can be divided into individual units (as small as a single sq ft) for promotional purposes, e-mail list generation, purchase incentives (eg, 100 sq ft for every $10), etc. You can even resell them to the public via our “Rent-a- RainTrust Microsite” or SMS “Text for the Planet” programs.


As a non-profit / NGO – You can actively pursue your organization’s environmental mission while using our rainforest programs as a powerful fundraising vehicle.


As a city or community – You can duplicate the exact size and shape of your city with our “Rainforest Cities” program — providing you with a customized website, GPS coordinates, and optional Rainforest Conservation Credits necessary to offset your city’s entire carbon footprint.


All are welcome to learn more about our Eco Nomic investment programs offered by RainTrust Renewable Green Energy offering participations in Biofuels, Carbon Credits, and intregrated Treeless Paper and Bioplastics Enterprises.

Levels & Benefits of Participation

Individual / Family, Community & Non-Profit Memberships

1. Become a RAINTRUSTEE for FREE…

Simply for supplying your e-mail address, you will receive
* Our monthly newsletter
* Your photo placed on our “RainTrust Living Grid”  Contact

2. Become a FRIEND OF THE FOREST – Minimum $10 US – $0.01 US  (one cent) per sq ft / minimum 1,000 sq ft

Receive a RainTrust Micro-Reserve (with GPS coordinates) with the following benefits:

3. Become an AGENT OF CHANGE  — Minimum $100 US — $0.01 US  (one cent) per sq ft / minimum 10,000 sq ft

Receive a RainTrust Mini-Reserve (with GPS coordinates) with the following benefits:

4. Become a GLOBAL CITIZEN — Minimum $250 US  — $0.01 US  (one cent) per sq ft / minimum 25,000 sq ft)

Receive a RainTrust Reserve (with GPS coordinates) located on a Riverfront with the following benefits

5. Become a PLANET SAVER – Minimum $1,000 US — $0.01 US  (one cent) per sq ft / minimum 100,000 sq ft

Receive a 1,000,000 sq. ft  Private Reforestation Reserve (with GPS coordinates) and the following benefits:


Minimum Investment $10,000 / 1 million sq. ft

To discuss the creation of a RainTrust Corporate Reserve — customized in any shape or logo design you choose – with a strategically-designed program meet your company’s environmental / sustainability mission.