RainTrust secures in perpetuity rainforests and mangrove areas to protect and replant  for the benefit of all life on the planet.

How we Monetize

We generate environmental commodities including carbon “offsets” and sell these credits to governments and large corporations.  The RainTrust Consortium fights both climate change and global poverty. When you buy carbon credits through us you are planting mangroves trees.

The Challenge and Solution

is creating the areas as “eco.onmic” Conservation of vulnerable and important rainforest and related ecosystems is the principal RainTrust mission.


RainTrust solution embraces all solutions as we enter agreements through our Proprietary Conservation Agreement to secure and protect rainforest for perpetuity; commence a reforestation program; or enter a renewable green energy initiative. All solutions are long term as they address the principal stakeholder need of generating adequate revenue streams, sufficient to bring to an end any deforestation activities.

The RainTrust philosophy accordingly is to build fair and equitable revenue streams capable of being cost-effectively directed back to deserving stakeholders.

Rainforest Reserves – Entities can secure and protect GPS identified reserves in their own names

RainTrust Enviornmental Credits – Quantifying, packaging and marketing carbon, biodiversity and related credits

Carbon Offsets – RainTrust has adopted corporate social responsibility principles bringing environment-based carbon credits.

RainTrust management and operational expertise are based mainly in the equatorial countries, and it is these countries with maximum biomass growing capability.
Criteria for project commitment have been defined and include:

Community friendly – Projects need to be sensitive to Community needs

Consultation, Planning and Monitoring – Projects shall be designed and operated under appropriate, Comprehensive, transparent, consultative and participatory processes involving all stakeholders

Human and Labour Rights – Projects must not violate human rights or labour rights and shall ensure decent work and the well-being of workers

Rural and Social Development – Projects shall contribute to the Social and Economic development of local, rural and indigenous peoples and Communities

Conservation and Biodiversity – Projects shall avoid negative impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems and areas of High Conservation Value and seek to make positive contributions
Soil – Projects shall promote practices that seek to improve soil health and minimize degradation

Water – Projects shall optimize surface and groundwater resource use, including avoiding contamination or depletion of these resources, and shall not violate existing formal and customary water rights

Land Rights – Projects shall not violate land rights or fail to include indigenous peoples in project benefits.

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