RainTrust Around The World

Saving forests and eco systems from deforestation

Securing large tropical lands into conservation

Replanting large scale forests and mangrove areas

Providing sustainability programs for the Indigenous and community people

Inspiring all global citizens to participate

Our programs are implemented though a number of joint venture partnerships with governments, NGO’s, corporations, landowners, community groups, tribal organizations, universities, and institutional and private investors.
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RainTrust is inspired  by the Eight Millennium Goals of the United Nations, the Earth Charter Initiative, the Kyoto Protocol and the subsequent World Bank REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) and Blue Carbon programs, the Social Venture Network, and Friends of the United Nations.

RainTrust herein irrevocably pledges our commitment to the planet and its forests, water, animals, birds and all living things with an undertaking to pursue programs consistent with attaining long term harmony with nature. Our pledge is embodied within our philosophies and permeates all of our activities.

RainTrust is a financial bridge between the developed world and bio-diverse lands and cultures.

The RainTrust consortium is comprised of dedicated and seasoned scientists, sustainability experts, scholars, artists, spiritual as well as community, tribal leaders. We have aligned ourselves with certain consious capital fund managers and socially responsible businesses from around the world.

“RainTrust Firsts”

* The launch of the “RainTrust Global Net,” is an unprecedented propriatry geospactial application for a real time zoom-in to our rainforest and mangrove reserves. This distinctive application using NASA informed technology provides the most comprehensive information and data and features our customized RainTrust “Living Grid”.

This propriatary user freindly application is designed for all RainTrustees to experience the ultimate connection with our reserves. Meet your neighbor on our Living Grid and you will be able to speak to them with instant translation into 16 languages.

RainTrust… Thinking Globally and Acting Locally