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Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, (CVO)

David Plattner – Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, (CVO)

Based in Southeast Asia since 2005, David is internationally known for his conservation efforts on millions of hectares globally and propelling the “Eco-Nomics” of Global Warming. He is an outspoken environmentalist and has an extensive investment banking, real estate marketing and entertainment industry background.

Edmond Burns Esq. – Director Legal Affairs

Edmond Burns Esq. – Director Legal Affairs
Ed has served as an attorney practicing law in New York City since 1967 where he has been a principal of the Wall Street Firm; Burns Kennedy Shilling & O’Shea that specialize in Corporation and Commercial Law, Real Estate and Environmental Conservation as well as Trials and Appeals Law. He has been active in The Association of the Bar of the City of New York (Committee on Non-Profit Organizations; Chairman, Young Lawyers Committee; Special Committee on Second Century; and Library Committee); New York State (Special Committee on Public Interest Law) and American Bar Association (Chairman, Special Committee on Public Interest Practice; Consortium of Legal Services and the Public; Commission on Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts; and National IOLTA Clearing House); Board of Directors, Council for Public Interest Law and others. He has worked closely with David Plattner for many years and in particular on the development of the Raintrust Conservation and Tribal Rights Agreement in various countries. Ed resides in New York City.

Martijn Wilder – Advisor

Martijn Wilder – Advisor
Martijn Wilder is a lead partner in the Baker & McKenzie’ Australian Agribusiness practice advising a number of clients across the agribusiness sector including household names such as R.M. Williams Agricultural Holdings and Rabobank. Initially his engagement came through his work in the environmental markets, climate change and forestry areas but over time his practice has diversified into a broader Agribusiness portfolio of clients. Martijn regularly speaks at Agribusiness events and has a broad knowledge of the Australian Agri-business sector. He also co-ordinates the firm’s global agribusiness practice.
Martijn’s other roles include Adjunct Professor of Climate Change law and Policy at the ANU, Chair of the NSW Government’s Climate Change Council and the NSW Government’s Carbon Markets Taskforce, being on the Governing Board of the International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), a founder member of the Renewable Energy and International law Project.