Rainforest – RainTrust identifies, negotiates and secures rainforest and seeks to protect it in perpetuity for the benefit of all life on the Planet.

Reforestation – In situations where it is possible, RainTrust will endeavour to re-establish destroyed rainforest to take it back to its pristine state.

Renewable Green Energy – RainTrust establishes green energy projects appropriate to degraded forest situations and involving all local stakeholders.

Environmental Commodities including Carbon credits – RainTrust validates and verifies its lands for carbon credits and proprietary biodiversity credits.

Challenge and Solution – Conservation of vulnerable and important rainforest and related ecosystems is the principal RainTrust mission; environment, indigenous people and financial aspects are the main drivers associated with these objectives.  Whether it is intermittent loggers or total decimation of rainforest the cause is generally the same and that is, those in control of the land (natives or other power groups) secure a financial advantage is destroying the rainforest. Intervention is needed and most forms of intervention have a financial base. The RainTrust modus operandi is to step in to these destructive relationships and construct a resolve that works for all stakeholders and in particular the indigenous people.

The RainTrust solution embraces all solutions as we enter agreements through our Proprietary Conservation Agreement to secure and protect rainforest for perpetuity; commence a reforestation program; or enter a renewable green energy initiative. All solutions are long term as they address the principal stakeholder need of generating adequate revenue streams, sufficient to bring to an end any deforestation activities.

A solution founded on financial principles is seen as imperative. This is the language clearly understood by those able to vote rainforest resources and the fastest and most effective methodology of bringing rainforest devastation and the havoc brought to bear on local populations, forest animals, water resources, atmospheric emissions and the majesty and aesthetic beauty of rainforests, to an end. The RainTrust philosophy accordingly is to build fair and equitable revenue streams capable of being cost-effectively directed back to deserving stakeholders.