Protecting the Rainforest and it’s People in the Fight Against Climate Change


The earth’s forests and in particular, the mangroves are our best natural defense against climate change.

We believe that the future of all humanity deserves a healthy environment and the fundamental benefits that nature provides.

RainTrust is ambitious but our methodology is considered and practical for us to reach our short and long term goals:

* Replanting in excess of 1 billion trees in perpetuity of future generations.

* Instilling pride and dignity in the indigenous people of these lands and to establishing revenue streams related to bio diverse and costal areas.

* Maintaining the highest level of environmental, economic and social accountability.

* Establishing long-term relationships with the people and places we operate to maximize returns for all stakeholders.

* Committed to positively impact the forests and native animals of the world, through the biodiversity & balance of nature, science, technology and  ancient wisdom.

* Committed to understanding & respecting the laws, values & cultures wherever we operate & contributing positively in every community.


RainTrust’s Eco-Nomic vision


Since the start of the industrial revolution our planet has been stripped of greater than 60% of its forests. The consequences to global climate stability, soil preservation, and agriculture, watershed integrity, wildlife, natural beauty and humanity have been devastating. The Earth now faces an unprecedented complex array of global threats that extend to even threaten our very survival.

Conserved and restored mangroves are the most dynamic, adaptive and technologically sophisticated solution to these threats.

RainTrust believes it must always reinvent new financing models to support new technologies and operating systems for the management of population on a large scale.

We are humbled by the challenge and always remain open to establishing multiple Joint Venture partnerships and to all new ideas. We seek to stay in the positive and on course for enlightened programs that touch and effect the 6.5 Billion people on the planet.

Now join us for the Journey of a Lifetime

The Living Grid

RainTrust at the Forefront

Our vision of establishing a proprietary ‘RainTrust Conservation Agreement’ on secured rainforest reserves, is the most effective way to immediately halt the destruction of forest  and sets the groundwork for creating sustainable revenue generating alternatives for the forest people. We believe that Sustainable Businesses are the missing link in the mix of solutions and we understand the importance of micro-projects on a macro-scale, lending and tapping the power of the global marketplace as the methodology to accomplish this goal.

RainTrust believes in renewable green energy, organic foods, UN certified RIL (Reduced Impact Logging) with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and the selling of developed environmental credits as the underpinning to create new financing models.

1. reserve for perpetuity
2. reforestation/planting trees
3. sustainable business/healthy forests.

How you can participate in the RainTrust Philosophy
RainTrust has grown quickly but we never stopped believing that good intention is enough.