david plattner interviewed by daughter of chico mendes cm foundation

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The Journey is the Reward

Through the ongoing and tenacious efforts of visionary entrepreneur, musician and social activist David Plattner, the RainTrust Organization was created in 2004. He has served as Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary “Rainman”. Originally established in New York City later found it’s home in Manaus Brazil when David produced the first “Eco Nomic” conference on sustainability in the Amazon rainforest. Over the next several years he went on to secure into conservation agreements over 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) of Brazilian tropical forests.

The challenge for me was to abandon all ideas of putting the rainforest under a glass cover, but rather to create a responsible business-oriented model capable of convincing local stakeholders that an alternative to destructive land uses is desirable and economically possible. Simultaneously, we needed to engage world interest, attract investment and promote development. Over the years we have been able to attract an impressive array of experts across all spectrums of sustainability globally with our model proven to be an economic win-win-win.”

Today, David DP_Kidsproudly states that the original mission and strategic Eco Nomic quest of the past many years has finally caught the world attention that have now embraced his agenda. Over the last 11 years he has traveled the world over 20 times assembling the right programs, agendas and experts in a variety of related fields and disciplines. The development of the RainTrust model has involved thousands of hours in meetings, conferences, and a range of extraordinary circumstances, numerous corporations, groups and individuals who have recognized the power and validity of the initiative and have committed and see RainTrust as a serious and high impact international Conservation Organization and a vehicle for all stakeholders to be engaged and share in the RainTrust Triple Bottom Line agenda.

Reinforcing the same agenda over the past 11 years, David and other key members of the RainTeam, have extensively toured internationally giving lectures and speeches on the “Eco-Nomics of Climate Change” and further acknowledgement of David as a pioneer and leader in the field. In 2010 David is recently the recipient of a Asian peace prize recognizing his tireless efforts.