Gift a Reserve Today
Prevent Global Warming Tomorrow.

Many of your friends, loved ones, and business associates are as concerned as you are about the destruction of the mangroves and the devastating effects climate change can have on our planet. And now that you have a better understanding of the critical importance of our mangroves in the fight against global warming, you’re probably thinking… “This would make a great gift!” And you’re right!

Make a Difference Today!

Protect an Acre of the Amazon for Someone you care for.
Just $10 protects  (with specific GPS coordinates) “in perpetuity.”

-The Valentine’s Gift the Whole Planet Will Thank You For-
RainTrust has created a special heart-shaped rainforest reserve for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, & other special occasions … or just for giving yourself (and the planet) a gift. If someone you care about cares about the planet & the issues of global warming, why not Gift-an-Acre in their name & be added to RainTrust’s “Heart of Amazons” Reserve?
Specifically, these contributions will help preserve pristine rainforest filled with ancient trees hundreds of years old.

Gift a Reserve of the Amazon to your Valentine today. Prevent global warming tomorrow.